Who We Are

“We believe in quality & services, that’s our Customers remain loyal to brand WUDTOOLS”

Wudtools has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing of various cutting tools. We are associating with same of leading renowned manufactures of cutting tools. This has helped us in adopting the latest technology in all our manufacturing plants.

Wudtools, in last 50 years along with the its group companies have accumulated amount of expertise in the field of special tools for various application such as rubber, paper, food, plastic, ferrous and non – ferrous metal etc. Wudtools factories are equipped with modern equipped that helped us to compete in export market world over for products for above industries.

We have pioneered the democratization of technology in India–by offering affordable innovations through their products and remain barriers the cost with advanced technologies. Wudtools is a brand which is closed to the heart of Indian Tire and Plywood industries and celebrates the vibrancies of life and empowerment.

We today is a market oriental manufacturer using the most modern manufacturing techniques to offer an interesting programme for producing precise cutting tools for Wood Working, Rubber, Non-ferrous and ferrous metals and plastics applications. It satisfies the demands of the industries, made to DIN German stands and produced in our tools for new materials and for special burr free cuttings. We are your best source for any cutting solution.

Our motto has always been to provide service to the customer. We have in India today our own service centre at various important location. In order to cater better services to our international clients we had appointed representative dealer in U.K, Spain, Netherland, Germany, South Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar etc.


  • People Come First
  • Think Small Act Fast
  • See Possibilities In Impossibilities
  • Nothing Can Go Wrong Attitude
  • Embrace Failure as a Stepping Stone To Realization of Purpose
  • Go From Dependence to Independence
  • Question The Un-questionable


To Liberate Customers via Disruptive process innovation solution to their challenges


To emerge as the Customer’s 1stchoice All over the world

Environmental Policy/Green Life

Environmental Policy

We try to achieve our Environmental Policy by Mission statement and Code of Conduct for global environment conservation. We aim to implement environment-friendly society through our products and services. We look ahead future for our environment.

Green life is a project with an initiative to reduce the Wastage and to encourage the Recycling Process. It’s concept idea of introducing the terms Green Factory, Green Packing & Logistics and Green Administration, with a mission deadline at 2020.

Smart Way to Go Green

As per UN, the world’s production of plastic materials has been increasing over the past 20 years at a rate of nearly 5% per annum. In 2010 alone, 265 million tonnes of plastics were produced.

‘UNEP’ have a big project to converting waste plastics to potential resources. Tire, Solid & Hazardous waste, the world production of tire has been increasing every year. At present it is estimated that 2 billion new tyres produced annually.

Hand with Recycling Industries

In the 21st century, the scrap recycling industry is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of today’s world. It is the time to address on minimized the wastes plastics by recognizing that, wastes plastics have a great potential for resource convention when converted into a valuable resources

Wastage comes only if you are not willing to do something wisely….