Trimming/De-burring Cutters

Resistance and sharpness are the important needs to trim the vents on the fabricated tires. The technology we uses are efficient to spew trimming.

Material: LH1, LH3, LH7

We manufacture blades of Manual/ Automatic vents training process.

“Heat treated for quality and endurance”.

Special Purpose Cutters for Radial plants (PCR, LTR, TBR, & OTR)

 Wudtools has worked with the leading tire and rubber manufacture to develop exception quality and long lasting cutting tools as their needs, changes and requirements. All of our custom blades made on state of the art adhere in strict international quality standards.

  • Belt Cutter
  • Carcass & Inner liner knife
  • Knife of bead Filler
  • Double end V-Notch Knife
  • Chopper Cutter blade
  • Scissor blade
  • Bubble cutters
  • Knives for Sheet & Textile Calendaring

Factory trained advisors regularly visit for support you.

Our sales people don’t just stop in when they want an order. They will visits you regularly to check blade and assist you for the up gradation or new development.

Material: LH1, LH3, LH7, LH310, LH17, CZ47

On request we can deliver Coated Blades (LH37 Coating)