Veneer Knife

Wudtools, Superior quality Raw material, professional technician in quality machines and advanced R&D combined with commitment to fulfill the highest demand in Plywood and Veneer Industries. We have 4 different models to fulfill your requirement according to Machine and Wood species selection.

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Standard Sizes of Peeling Knives

  • 1270*180*16
  • 1400*180*16
  • 1500*180*16
  • 1524*200*16
  • 2750*180*16
  • 2760*180*16
  • 2750*200*16
  • 2800*200*20

Custom made is also available.

We have a good specialisation on customized blades too. So don’t  worry if you did not found the machines or size of knife in the list.

Popular Machines

GuruAmar (Tuskar), Bharat, Ply Machines, Meinan, Angelo Cremona, Raute, URUKO, Taihei, BSY, Kalyan, Jamuna, Hong shing, Capital Machines, Linyi vega, Shanday Jinlun


Introducing new technology for more life and wear resistance

“Regularism Revisited with Plus+…”

For Years, Our regular peeling knife have been the performance benchmark for high quality and good finished face veneers, as soft wood or hardwood with knots and nails. Today Regular model delivers even high performance with a good wear resistance and fracture toughness which gives you more life in Knife in every less cost and named by a new name WT-Regular+. We today is a market oriented manufacturer using the most modern manufacturing techniques to offer an interesting programme for producing precise peeling Knife.

Application in different species:

Core veneer (or debarking)/Peeling*: White pine, Redwood , Rubber

Face veneer peeling*: Keruing/Gurjan/Kanyin/Dan

Working Angle: 19.5° degree to 22° degree.

*Kindly follow for the best results, Tested in different condition, different machine and different techniques.

As we are a tools specialist and have an extensive experience, we are able to help you find the most suitable Knife for your cutting process, which will reflect on the increasing machine up time, durability of the Knives and thus enhance machine output.


Experience the power of True Indian

“Above the Regularism”

Nothing could be more agreeable than the fact that the long life of knives makes a smile on the User/Operator. Have you ever paused the wonder how the world of sports as its stands today as a completely different ball game from the way it used to be?

We have pioneered the democratization of technology in India-by offering affordable innovations through PEELMORE and crossed the barriers of cost with advanced technologies.

The power of PEELMORE
With an unparalleled performance…
It’s more of what you’re looking from a Veneer Lathe Knife.

Yes, we are ready to play the new game.

Designed Developed And Tested In India

The True Indian – PEELMORE, feel the power of more…

New innovation from the Wudtools R&D house,PEELMORE achieves 20-30% More peeling ability than the Regular +. Thus you change the blade less often and save more money.
The new PEELMORE provides a relaxing operation against the hardwood and the knots on the wood. The new Zero cool heat treatment technology gives you better resistance and ensures low material wastage.

Available any size and design as noted in the Regular+Model

In order to cater a better performance than our regular model to our customers, we had introduced the new model PEELMORE. Usage of wudtools grinding stone will give you an amazing experience with 60% Less fiber and thus reducing the consumption of glue.

Application in Different Species.
Peeling#: Eucalyptus, Okouma, Fromager .
Debarking#: Keruing/kanyn/dau, Okouma.

#Species Suggestions are just for best results. Knives have the ability to peel the all species used in rotary peeling machine.


Our Pride

The World Class Premium Quality Veneer Knife.

Go all out… The sophisticated futuristic development from the house of Wudtools, the PEELMORE PLUS. Based on innovative “Work Standard Approach, Maximum Output” Philosophy theory, this offers you the best in Veneer Knives.The all new WT – PEELMORE PLUS powered by German technology and first class raw materials brings the features you love while giving you the freedom to run the hard wood with best finish more time.


Loaded with best features and attitudes,

The unique technology offers you the best veneer finish, a defensive statement.


No chart, No more comparison…
Off the chart Performance,

Just Experience the work of the real steel.

“Price Less, no longer has to stand on the opposite side to the finest veneer”.

Choose the options and free service from WUDTOOLS to keep the quality and convenience both at running and grinding.


  • Powerful performance that’s built to last Delivers powerful performance that’s built to last.All day peeling experience, keeps you moving. Wudtools PEELMORE PLUS designed to last full day* on the peeling and then grind with the WUDTOOLS WT-05 grinding stone for the best result.

Working Experience

  • Reduce cost per out, ask for the free check-up and practical grinding training.

Extra Features

  • Free service and check up with Ultra-care. A smart way to enhance your productivity and Provide maximum accuracy for the world class experience.

Life Easy

  • Wudtools PEELMORE PLUS experience makes life easier, Wudtools PEELMORE PLUS experience make life easier from the distractions of the peeling and grinding problems.