Shearing Blades


For shearing sheets up to & including 6 mm mild steel (63,000 PSI) or its equivalent in tensile strength.


Various sizes as per the drawing of the customers. We make Shear Blades and other Straight Knives upto 4000 mm or 160 inches long to meet every application.


AISI-D2 / AISI-S1 or as per the requirement. Made from a special analysis high carbon high chrome tool steel. Custom made

to fit specific requirements to assure maximum cutting life. Exclusive WUDTOOLS heat treating methods, using automatic electrically controlled furnaces, impart uniform hardness throughout the blade. In production shearing, this uniformity of metallurgical structure provides keen cutting services life well beyond that of ordinary blades. But most important reasons for a good shear blade are to be found in the way they are made