World Class Raw material.

R&D house select the appropriate raw material based on the function and environment of the application. Driving and fostering innovation all depends on the choosing the best raw material. A high performance machine needs an appropriate cutter.

A wide choice of possible combination, available but choose and maintain best is a date of art. It satisfies the demands of the Industries, made to DIN German stands and produced in our most modern Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) plant.

Bridging quality, durability and performance…

The aim of the technology and development is nothing but a paradigm shift that changes primary raw material into the cutter which works with the unique features.


Wudtools are developed to perform at a constant and high cut quality level through their life cycle. When developing cutting tools, we explicitly take into amount all factors that determine the cut quality. Customer Oriented development provide you and your operators with a great flexibility, which will undoubtfully boost your productivity and minimize their maintenance.