Pelletizer Blades & Holder

Pelletizing reclaimed plastic is the final step is most recycling process. Converting past consumer plastic into pellets allows for easier destination and remanufacturing, and ultimately benefits the speed and effectiveness of reintroducing recycled plastic into industrial manufacturing.

Wudtools offers Pelletizer Blades, Knives for all machine makes and models including Beringer, Gala, Conair, Rieter/Automatik, Ikegai and Cumberland as well as many more. Whether you are operating a strand pelletizer, an underwater pelletizer, a die face pelletizer, or a hot cut system, Wudtools can satisfy your needs.

All of the Pelletizer Blades and Pelletizer Knives offered by Wudtools are manufactured to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) specifications and are available in D2 tool steel, M2 High Speed Steel, Carbide coated and Carbide insert. This ensures the blade edges remain sharp longer in your Pelletizer Operation, even when used with the toughest of all materials. These Pelletizer Blades and Pelletizer Knives are designed and manufactured with an extremely high commitment to quality utilizing the same exacting standards and precise specifications as those of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They are all constructed to perform reliably and efficiently for trouble-free service in your successful process operation.

HSS & Tungsten Carbide Saw

Diameter             kerf                      Bore                  Teeth

160                     18/20                  25.4/30               40/70

180                      2.0                     25.4/30                70

200                      2.0                     25.4/30                80

250                      2.0                     25.4/30               100

300                      2.4                     25.4/30               100

350                      2.6                     25.4/30               120