Shredder Knives

The tires/E-waste being incredibly durable and resistant to destruction require a great deal of force to tear them apart. Shredder is also used for heavy duty pre size reduction purpose for Plastic and wood. A reliable and rugged engineering tools are perfect for the tire recycling process.

Shredder knives are used for grinding large scale wastes. These are different shredder blades in shapes.


Cubes      Square    Rectangular   circular




The shape and the material type is determined according to the application. The mostly used sated qualities are 1.2379, 1.2343(D2, H2) and 1.3343(M2, M232 powder metallurgy steel).Thus it heaver outstanding resistance to adosion and wear in combination with high toughness and compressive strength.

  • Rotor knife Standard /carbide
  • Counter knife Standard/Carbide
  • Block knife Standard/Carbide

We are producing machine knives for the machines and production lines of the following manufactures Alpine, Artech, Amis/Zerme, Bomatic, Buss, Columbus Mckinnon, Coperion, Cumberland, Dreher, Elden, Erema, Folcieri, Herbold, Lindner, Mewa, Neue-herbold, Rapid, Satrind, Tria, Untha, Vecoplan, Wanner and Weinna.